Big Brother Naija: 5 Reasons Why Thin Tall Tony Lost Out

Thin Tall Tony became the recent evictee of the Big Brother Naija show, but one couldn’t just but wonder how the once popular housemate had fallen out of grace.


TTT takes a bow

These are what we think:

#1. He overstretch his smartass: You too must have seen TTT as one of the brightest housemate in the house, but his over-appearance as that very smart guy really, brought to him a somewhat repressed envy from the show followerbase.

#2. He lost his originality: His most notable approach which fetched him lot of fans early in the show was being (just) himself and being so free. Many of his fans became wooed by his true personality / nature without string attached. Whereas as the show goes on, Tony started loosing that pure essence of himself, as he adopted forms of antics, betrayal and that boldly written overambition.

bisola and thin tall tony-big brother naoja-olorisupergal

#3. Romance and family scandal: Right from the third week of the show, TTT must have started loosing support over his full blown romance with fellow housemate Bisola and  his denial of having a wife whatsoever, despite being married with two beautiful daughters back home. Apparently, Nigerians sense of humor hasn’t just reached this reckoned level, as such claim suffered a heavy backlash from home, particularly the show followers.

#4. Plus, he became kinda boring, more like you all got tired of him: Definitely. You might become boring if you’re someone mentioned in all the above context (combine). Of course, by now you must have known, he lost, having gathered the least number of votes from the show followerbase. That’s more like not having just enough love from you the deciders.

#5. What the Big Brother followers wants to see is your true identity, why not ask Gifty. They also wants to see you as plain without a hidden side or so, maybe you ask the Tboss defenders what they’re having to face with impressional correction… They want to see you as enterprising as(k) Bisola. But then, they also want to see more…



Sorry, TTT. But then, all the best!




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