Video: BBC Interview Flub Of Father And Children Made History Books Of Memes

Friday’s BBC interview flub — featuring a dad trying to hold it together while his children cause chaos behind him — has officially entered the history books as one of the best memes of 2017.

Although the viral video might be the best lesson in “how to keep a straight face” in the most hilarious situation ever. A very serious expert on South Korea appears on BBC World News via webcam to discuss the impeachment of South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye.

But just when he’s deep into a convoluted analysis on the meaning of democracy in the face of scandals, the impossible happens.

First, his daughter bursts in and starts dancing:

“I think one of your children just walked in,” says the presenter in studio, visibly amused:

The expert in question, political scientist Robert E. Kelly, attempts to send his daughter away, without success:

Then, another, smaller child in the walker steps in:

At that point, a shouting woman dashes into the room at high velocity, grabs both children, opens the door and exits the room (not without some troubles):

Then closes the door.

Just watch:

Credits: Mashable

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