Big Brother Naija- “I feel really violated”, Tboss speaks after being sexually harassed by Kemen

Big Brother Naija educates housemates on consent

It was an emotional day today in Big Brother Naija house, as housemates sat down with experts to talk about the importance of consent in sexual relationships. Although the day started on a good note with the visit of Nollywood star and politician Desmond Elliot, but the highlight of the day was when sex educationist Yewande and Sarah visited the house to celebrate International Women’s day.

They counselled the housemates using the theme “Consent is sexy” , the video of  Kemen harassing Tboss was shown to the housemates after Tboss gave them her consent.


It was a teary and emotional moment in the house as Tboss spoke about what happened “I asked him for a massage, would that have led him on? i dress around topless sometimes, i do not do that in the room, i have never been naked in the house. I do not think i have given any guy in the house a reason to come at me like that?”

According to the experts, 1 in 3 women all over the world has been violated sexually and it is therefore pertinent that issues concerning sexual consent be discussed and an awareness created.

“I do not know how far he went, I was on my period and I feel really violated”, Tboss said.

Kemen was caught on camera on day 41 groping Tboss while she was asleep.

Watch the video of below:

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