Shakira Sued For Plagiarism

A Madrid court will look into allegations that Colombian superstars Shakira and Carlos Vives,  Andres Castro and Sony Music plagiarised part of their hugely popular Grammy Latino-winner “La Bicicleta”.

Music publisher MDRB filed a complaint in a commercial court in Madrid on behalf of Livan Rafael Castellanos, a Cuban singer known as Livam who alleges that the catchy tune copies parts of his own 1997 song called “Yo te quiero tanto” (I love you so).

The complaint centres around an intellectual property problem, more specifically, on the songs’ choruses — both the melody and the lyrics.

Shakira and Vives sing “que te sueno y que te quiero tanto” (I dream of you and love you so much), while Livam says “yo te quiero, yo te quiero tanto” (I love you, I love you so much).

This is not the first time that Shakira has come up against allegations of plagiarism.

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