Remy Ma And Fat Joe On Wendy Williams

remy ma

Remy Tells Wendy Why She Wrote The Diss Track “SHEther”

Oh No She didn’t? Remy Ma was on Wendy Williams for the promotion of her new album Plata O plamo, But trust Wendy to bring up her diss track “SHEther“. In a clear Remy Ma’s fashion, she held nothing back and spilled the tea. She was trying too hard not to spill all though.

She did tell Wendy that her issues with Nicky, she did a diss track because of the behind the scene actions not what we heard in a song or a lyrics directed to her.

“Trying to block me from receiving awards, not attending an award if i am attending, she has had problems with Taylor Swift, Hannah (Miley Cyrus) and many more”. “All i will say is she is not a nice person, she claims she is this high person so why is she bothered about little ole me, who just came from prison”.

In a pretty Remy fashion, she ended it with I’m done talking about her because my Grand mother told me not to speak ill of the dead.


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