Driving through Maryland, Lagos State recently, I was greeted with the sight of what was a ‘supposed’ made in Nigeria car. It was built looking like a ‘Landplane’, and I totally loved the idea. As soon as I could catch a better glimpse, I noticed the rear end of the car had almost fallen off, and it was being dragged that way, with the driver riding the car without caution.

Everything became a joke to me as I had heard a lot about the birth of that car, I remember that I had read about it somewhere, it was said in the article that our government had failed to support creative minds, but what I did not understand then was how the government will support a cause that doesn’t do much for its appearance, a project that came across as mediocre. How can you even consider a support? 

A good look at the recent developments in the country, I mean with recession breathing down our necks and all, we can easily tell that sometimes we are responsible for our setbacks! At the risk of sounding political, I will say that we ourselves are the government. Power moves periodically, and there will come a time when we will be hold the reins of government ourselves, and what is to stop us from building the blocks of the future right NOW!!!

Building our life goes beyond words of mouth; it goes beyond intentions; it has a lot to do with starting, and not just starting but making sure that we FINISH. That we do not just finish again, but that we finish well.

A good packaging and a good finishing will attract the best of minds, more so it would attract the very people that can project our works to the world – worthy investors.



I got inspired to do this write-up, thanks to a post I came across on TECNO Mobile’s Facebook page


and it emphasized in a way that there are a number of times that we try to start something, and we never get to finish it. I will encourage a lot of people to participate in the activity because it brings back a sense of you wanting to go back to finish that which you have started.

I have a bunch of projects that I have started and are yet to be completed. I am going back to my diary to refresh my memories. You should do the same. ?


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