Women – Things Men Would Like To Hear From You

Men Romantic

Men can be quite easy to please and it doesn’t take much to impress them, men will turn into putty in your hands if you just say the right things to them. If you want to make your man happy, tell him one of these things when next you see him.

I will Pay The Bill Love

Most of the time, guys do all the work when they are going on a date. This includes planning and paying the bill. If you want to surprise your man and make him happy as well; Offer to pay the full bill next time you go out. He will really appreciate it.


You Are Sexy

Guys envy girls because girls get complimented a lot more than guys. Guys rarely get compliments which is why you should give him a sweet compliment. It will make him really glow.


I Love You

This is something that everyone wants to hear at least once, if only because it validates them and makes them feel wanted. Everyone, no matter who you are, would be happy to hear this.


You Are Different From Others I Have Met

A lot of guys feel like they are always being attacked when they hear women talk about how terrible men are. Saying this to them can feel really good.



I Respect You

Most guys don’t feel like women see them as equals. In fact, a lot of them even put them up on pedestals. This old-fashioned compliment will make him melt, if only because it helps him feel like he Is doing okay in your book.

Your friends are cool

Nothing makes a guy think that a girl is “The One” like being able to get along with his friends and a girl who likes his friends is a girl he will want to keep around.

I’m sorry

If you did something wrong to a guy, you should say you’re sorry. Unfortunately for men and women alike, “sorry” is something we don’t often hear from people we should hear it from.



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