Honey is one of the most popular sweetener and along with it are several myths. Some are true while some are just what they are; myths

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  1. Honey is sweeter than table sugar.  Asides from it being a myth, it is quite true.
  2. Darker honey is not as good as lighter honey.
  3. Honey helps burn fat during sleep. This is also quite true, it is known as Hibernation diet.
  4. Honey is healthy. This is true also as Bees produce honey for feeding purposes and its product, propolis, long named ‘nature’s antibiotics’ is used to protect the queen bee from disease. Hence, It is an antibacterial substance with many virtues, it has healing properties and antioxidants which strengthen the immune system.
  5. The quality of honey is affected by crystallization. Not true
  6. When white foam appears on the honey, it means it went bad.
  7. Honey never spoils. Not true because it can spoil when it is not stored properly. When it is stored in a sealed container, it can stay spoil free for several if not thousands of years. Notwithstanding, it does spoil if left out in the open unsealed. Because of honey’s composition, it absorbs moisture like a sponge. As with anything else when water is added, it spoils.
  8. Doctors recommend consuming at least one portion of honey per day. This is quite true as it is packed with nutrition, which will help keep your body healthy.
  9.  Honey contains no cholesterol. It is cholesterol free, which makes it a perfect treat for a person with a sweet tooth who just happens to have high cholesterol.

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