Couple Born on Same Day, Same Hospital…Same School, Marry 50 Years Later (Photos)

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The incredible love story has been told of a couple who were born on the same day in the same hospital and who have known themselves all their lives.

Alison Blackwell and James Hodges

Alison Blackwell and James Hodges were born on the same day in the same hospital and went to the same school as children, and later got married after reuniting on Facebook 50 years later, Metro UK reports.

Alison Blackwell and James Hodges were both born just metres apart at the Berkeley Hospital in Gloucestershire in 1967.

The pair were in the same class at Cam Hopton Primary School but lost contact after James moved school when he turned eight.

Almost five decades later, the pair managed to reconnect using Friends Reunited after James sent a light-hearted message asking Alison the date of her birthday in 2012.

Alison Blackwell and James Hodges

The pair were in the same class at Cam Hopton Primary School

They have since tied the knot on the day after their 50th birthdays.

Alison said: ‘He said hi and asked me when my birthday was – obviously knowing full well when it was. We arranged to meet a few days after Christmas and then started seeing each other soon after. We’ve been together ever since.’

Alison’s mother Isabel Denning gave birth on the same day as James’ mother Linda Hodges, on February 3, 1967, before she passed away eight years later.

Wool machinist James moved away when his father remarried following his mother’s death, and they occasionally bumped into each other a few times over the years, politely saying hello.

Their mothers gave birth to them in the same ward just metres apart.

Alison, a mother-of-two, got married when she was 21, but divorced ten years later.

She said: ‘People say it’s destiny that we ended up together because we have so many connections. It is absolutely destined to be.
‘James hasn’t stopped grinning since the wedding.’

James popped the question in September 2015 while the pair were on holiday in Devon and they married at Cam Methodist Church on February 4.

And at the touching ceremony, their teacher presented them with an old class photo.

James said: ‘People ask when we met and when we say “on the day we were born”, they are shocked.’

‘We could have been in beds next to each other – we really don’t know,’ Alison added.

Alison and James on their wedding day

They both joined Cam Hopton Primary School in Dursley, Gloucestershire, at the age of four, and Alison said her first memory of James is his ’round faced little boy’.

She said: ‘I remember him being in my class and being aware that his mum had died. I remember feeling really sorry for him and not imagining what it would be like.’

James added: ‘I just remember her really kind smile. That always stayed with me – and it’s still the same today. So many people have said to us how crazy they think our story is.

‘I think it’s the fact that we have so many similarities that brought us together in the first place. It’s just meant to be.’

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