Countries in the southern hemisphere will experience a Rare “ring of fire” solar eclipse on Sunday- Will be visible in some part of Nigeria

Annular Eclipse this Sunday

The sky will be illuminated in a “ring of fire” on Sunday as the Earth welcomes its first solar eclipse of 2017.

An annular eclipse occurs when the moon casts its shadow on the Earth’s surface. It will mainly be visible above parts of the Southern Hemisphere, including Chile, Argentina and Angola, according to NASA




During any type of solar eclipse, the sun, moon, and Earth line up. But an annular eclipse is different. The moon is too far from Earth to obscure the sun completely, leaving the sun’s edges exposed, thus creating that “ring of fire” effect.

The agency also revealed that on Aug. 21, less than six months from now, a total solar eclipse will cross the U.S. for the first time in nearly 40 years.

It will be partially visible in some part of Nigeria between 4:46 – 6:31 pm tomorrow.

If you plan to watch, NASA officials warn viewers to use protective eyeware.








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