Emotional Connection.

Many women cheat because they have little to no emotional connection with their man. This may be due to him being exhausted from work. He may be working too hard.

Feeling appreciated.

When you are busy at work, or out socializing, you can expect she will get tired of waiting to spend time with you.


She thinks you cheated.

Revenge affairs are common. Women have them in an attempt to restore self-esteem and feel desirable again. She may not want to cheat but the fact that you have done it may weaken her self-control.


She is not getting enough intimacy.

The hormone Oxytocin plays a central role in our urge to bond. It spikes three to five time higher than usual just before an orgasm. The hormone is more intense in females than in males, so women develop a stronger sense of bonding through sex.

If you are not having as much sex as you used to, she may interpret this as a sign you don’t find her attractive. This may make her find someone else outside the relationship to validate she is sexually attractive.


She plainly wants to leave you.

She wants to end things with you. It may be on purpose as an easy way out, especially if the relationship is bad.


Intimacy and emotional connection are not always about sex. It’s the non-physical connections and mutual emotional support you give each other.

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