I’m a Broke Old Man -Obasanjo Tells A Troublesome Lady (VIDEO)

In a YouTube video already going viral, former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, has said he is a broke old man.

In the footage, a certain lady identified as Bridget went live on Facebook when she joked about wanting to take over Obasanjo’s farm.

In his response, Obasanjo said she would be competing with ‘a lot of people, including the bank for it.’

Obasanjo said in part, “You are a trouble maker, leave me alone. Yes I am an old man and most old people are broke.”

The lady said, “You are not broke Baba, I will check your briefcase.”

The ex-president said, “No problem, that’s only if you have the key to it, but are you enjoying yourself here?

“People commenting now will see that you are harassing me”.

Or maybe you just go ahead and watch the video:

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