5 Beauty Benefits of Rosemary Oil


Rosemary is an aromatic herb that belongs to the mint family, Lameaceae. It is native to the Mediterranean region. This evergreen plant has grayish green, needle-shaped leaves and produces small, pale blue flowers. Rosemary essential oil is extracted from the flowering tips of the plant through steam distillation. It is one of the most popular aromatherapy oils. It is basically a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a piercing, woody, balsamic aroma.

Natural Facial Astringent

To reap rosemary’s natural astringent benefits, simply apply the oil directly on a freshly washed face with a cotton ball. Allow this seductive oil to dissolve into your skin before applying your moisturizer.


Bad Breath

Suffering from morning breath even after you brush your teeth? Simply gargle with rosemary before leaving the house and have delightful breath all day long. Sources say that brushing your teeth too often can irritate gums and expose teeth to unnecessary irritation. Before you start compulsively brushing to rid the smell of garlic or other unwanted foods, think about keeping rosemary essential oil at your desk to gargle with as an alternative.


Natural Deodorant

This is a great remedy for forgotten deodorant on an unexpected sleepover or if you are trying to keep the harsh chemicals in antiperspirants off your natural bod. This is a cheap, effective natural deodorant that anyone can make. Just apply apple cider vinegar and rosemary oil on a cotton ball and wipe directly on your underarms to keep a strong distance between you and body odour, so you can be as close as you want this summer.

Acne Oil Treatment

Another great ingredient for acne oil treatments is rosemary, those anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties are def going to be a pimple’s worse enemy. Combine rosemary oil with primrose oil, which is an excellent topical treatment for hormonal acne, and use your favorite carrier oil. Simply use equal parts of rosemary and primrose and then add 2 parts of your carrier oil. Oil masks work best on a freshly cleaned, makeup free face. Leave the oil on for at least 5 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Hot Oil Detangling Mask

Nothing gets my ‘fro in a better mood than a hot oil mask that detangles and restores moisture in my locks and scalp. Use one part rosemary oil, one part lavender oil, and two parts of castor oil. This mask is especially great if you’re starting to see some rude premature gray hairs popping up because rosemary is also known as a natural hair darkener. Not only will you find yourself easily maneuvering a comb or your fingers through tangles, you’ll mask the greasy scent of castor oil with these essential oils and get some serious hair benefits from them too!

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