Ayesha Curry Posts Loved Up Picture Of Her And Steph Curry

The NBA Family Posts Pictures Of Them

The award for best NBA wife will always go to  Ayesha Curry, as the 27-year-old is never shy about how deeply in love she is with her Golden State Warriors hubby Steph Curry, 28.

His number one cheerleader accompanied him to the 66th Annual NBA All-Star game in New Orleans and just before flying out Feb. 16 she shared a sweet pic of the two kissing on the airport tarmac.

As if the photo alone isn’t enough to melt heart and wish you had the kind of love these two share, her caption will make you heave a jealous sigh.

ayesha curry and steph curry

Ayesha wrote, “No one else can make me feel the colors that you bring. Stay with me while we grow old and we will live each day in the springtime. Cause lovin’ you has made my life so beautiful. And everyday of my life is filled with lovin’ you.” ??.”

She lifted the lyrics from Minnie Riperton‘s 1974 ballad “Loving You,” but the sentiment Ayesha feels about her hubby remains the same.

Steph being the perfect husband that he is returned the love right back, posting an Instagram pic of the couple and captioning it,

“Nothing is perfect but when I look at you all I see is perfection!” Oh man, there is no better couple in all of sports than these two right here (sorry Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen!). Steph and Ayesha have been massively in love since they were kids, having met at a Bible camp when Stephen was 15-years-old and Ayesha was 14.

They’ve been with each other ever since, marrying in 2011 and have two gorgeous daughters Riley, four, and Ryan, two. It’s such a joy to watch how much they adore each other and aren’t afraid to go overboard with sharing it.

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