Toke Makinwa’s Book Really Hurt My Brand -Maje Ayida Speaks

After remaining silent for a long time, Toke Makinwa‘s husband, Maje Ayida has finally spoken about the female celebrity’s book.

Maye Ayida, the estranged husband of Toke Makinwa has finally reacted to several damning allegations made about him in the popular Lagos OAP’ book.

Speaking recently to PUNCH, the wellness and fitness coach claimed that Makinwa’s book, ‘On Becoming’ has had a negative effect on brand.

Below is an excerpt from the interview:

Is it true you’re taking Toke Makinwa to court over her book, On Becoming which contains some derogatory material about you?

I’m not at liberty to discuss that. Since the case is already in court, it would be illegal for me to do so.

Has the book affected your brand?

People tend to form a perception of you from what they read or hear about you. Having those kinds of things written about me and circulating in the public domain has definitely hurt my brand, though it’s hard to quantify the kind of impact it has had. However, I concentrate my energy on doing good work and letting it speak for me.

Do you foresee any chance of reconciliation between the both of you?

I’m not at liberty to discuss that.

It would be recalled Ayida had recently sued Makinwa over the revelations she made in her best selling book and also got a court injunction to totally halt the sales of the book.

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