You Saved My Life: Former United State President, Bill Clinton Moved To Tears By Albanian Immigrant

Bill Clinton Shed Tears

Bill Clinton was moved to tears at a NYC restaurant after an immigrant waiter got down on his knees and credited Bill with saving his life.

The former President was at the restaurant with his wife, presidential candidate for the democrats in the November 8 election, Hillary Clinton.




During the Friday night dining at Sea Fire Grill, one of the servers — an Albanian immigrant — came to their table, dropped to his knees and told Bill;

“Sir, I want to thank you. If not for you, I wouldn’t be alive today.”


The waiter told Bill and Hillary that he was an Albanian immigrant who at 16 was living in Kosovo during the war and fled with nowhere to go.  He told the former President how his dad and other family members were tortured as they lived in the hills.

The 32-year-old waiter, who came to the U.S. in 1999, told Clinton the U.S. military efforts he authorized to drive Yugoslavian occupying forces out of Kosovo led to peace and almost certainly his survival.

President Clinton became emotional, grabbed the man’s hands and wept.

The waiter is fearful given the current climate on immigration and did not want his name used or his photo posted.

The majority of the restaurant staff is from Albania and the Clinton’s spent time after dinner shaking the hands of the waiters and others who worked there.


Photo Credit: TMZ



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