The Cry of a Boy That Made Vacuum Cleaner/Water Pump Out of Scraps


My name is Favour Idowu. I am from Ondo state. I was born in Lagos 14 yrs Ago. I am a student of Mariam Academy (Private School) Gaskiya Estate a suburb in Ijora Badia. I Am in SS2, Science class.
I am talented in creating things f my hands out of scraps of empty plastic bottles, paper, gum or glue, motor, wires, nylon etc. I have made… A hand Vacuum cleaner, walking robot, electric fan, bubble machine, electric blower, electro-mechanical cars and so on. All these things are still in good shape.



I want to be an electro-mechanical engineer in future. Sadly I lost my dad a month ago which means I mighty become a school drop out because my mother doesn’t have money to sponsor my education next term and the rest of my life. I want able Nigerians to come to my aid before things get out of hand.

Thank You.


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