Good Reasons Best Friends Are Better Than Boyfriends

1. You can inform your best friends concerning your grimy dreams

Not certain your boyfriend would welcome that you now crush on that irregular person from work since he was *amazing* at kissing in your dreams

2. They comprehend (and share) your fixation on TV appears/characters.

For some UNFATHOMABLE reason your beau simply doesn’t get why you adore Banky W to such an extent

3. They’re better shopping accomplices

They’ll be absolutely genuine if something is truly unflattering, and even select the PERFECT things for you that you wouldn’t ever consider for yourself – sweethearts simply groan and search for a place to take a seat. In addition, whatever they purchase is naturally yours (see point 3).

4. Your social network relating are a great deal more fun

You can’t generally tag your sweetheart into a @manbunmonday Instagram photograph now right?

5. They’ve seen you even from a pessimistic standpoint and still love you

Your man may THINK he’s seen you in some horrifying states, however it’ll never come close to what your best friend have seen.

6. You have #nofilter with them

Absorption issues, ingrown hairs on your swimming outfit line, tampon incidents – no humiliating issue is forbidden.

7. You can speak for a considerable length of time about nothing and they don’t get exhausted

All things considered, on the off chance that you consider “finding precisely the correct conditioner for your hair sort so it doesn’t look limp and exhausting” not at all like most boyfs do. Yet, your best friend definitely does NOT, and that is the reason they’re your closest companion.

8. They know the ins and out of your sexual history

The *true* rendition.


9. When they pay you compliments it’s not on the grounds that they need to engage in sexual relations with you

This is on the grounds that you truly do look astounding.


10. They always have ladies supplies

Eyeliner, tampons, tweezers. Beaus convey nothing valuable on their individual.


11. You’re permitted to have a crush on their father/sibling/male cousins

It we were discussing your boyfriend’s family, it would simply be unpleasant.

12. You can simply turn up at their doorsteps unannounced

Also, go inside in the event that they’re not home. You have an extra key (and know where theirs is covered up on the off chance that you overlooked it), all things considered.


13. You can send them really terrible selfies

Disregard the cloud, you’d be much more shocked on the off chance that anybody saw your gross “I woke up this way” Snapchats with your boyfriend

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