Top Romantic Nigerian Music To Play On Valentines Day

Mad over you music

It is valentines day, a day for all lovers both young and old. If there is something that expresses our thoughts the way we feel them perfectly, it is music. Everyone can relate with love songs and it would not be a bad idea to play them to your partner just to show them exactly how you feel about them

Mad Over You by Runtown

This is not only the hottest song so far of the year but also quite romantic. It is just perfect for the valentine season, when you play this love themed song for your partner, he/she would most likely just put on the dancing shoes.

Mad over you music

Smile for me by Simi

One thing is certain, Simi was thinking of her lover when she composed this song, because of the heartfelt lyrics. If you are not in love, when you listen to this song, you will feel your heartstrings being pulled. The lyrics describes the thought of lovers and it is the kind of song lovers want to listen to in the company of their partner.

Smile for me music


Aduke by Tjan

This beautiful love professing song is perfect for a romantic who just wants to make his partner feel like a queen. Every woman wants to be an Aduke, the subject of a man’s unwavering love. For extra effect, sing along while playing the song.

Aduke music


Adore her by POE & Funbi

This is good music right here, asides the love woven lyrics that make it a top romantic song, Funbi’s voice added ‘jara’ on top. This is another beautiful song dedicated to the ladies. Letting this song play in the background while you have dinner is a perfect romantic idea.

Adore her music


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