Recession Friendly Valentine Gift Ideas For Her


Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and most guys are still confused about what to get their partner because well there is recession and not everyone can afford to buy their partner a range rover. These are some economy friendly gifts you can get your woman and still make her happy at the same time


Why Makeup? One of the things that the recession has really affected is the price of makeup and most ladies love make up so i can guarantee it will be a good buy. It also shows you care about her looks


If she is not a tomboy then she would definitely love a dress and what better than buying her a long black dress, all you have to do is make sure it is her correct size


No matter how cliche this may seem, women love Teddy Bear and that is not changing anytime soon. If she doesnt have one, it is really a good valentine gift


If you will be resorting to this option then make sure you buy a shoe that suits her style


This is another gift which might also seem cliche but also a good buy, everyone loves to smell good and why not be the one to present her that perfect gift. You can never go wrong with this

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