Kemi Olunloyo threatens Georgina Onuoha

Controversy blogger Kemi Olunloyo comes for actress Georgina again with threats

See Picture below


Kemi Olunloyo Threatens Actress Georgina Onuoha —————————————– Via @georginaonuoha – Obsessed with me. Troll can’t get off my page. So much empathy for her. I’ve been begged by fans, family and all to forgive and forget this lunatic. Apparently she wakes up with my page on her mind every morning. Spewing hate and cries foul. Demanding I release her sex tape. Listen up grandma.. Nobody wants to see how you were sodomize by little boys when you were high on crystal meth. For the sake of your kids and family members that have reached out to me explaining your unstable mental health.. I will be fair to your children’s future for the sake of posterity. . . You can come here every moment on my page seeking my attention.. All it does is confirm all I’ve said.. Bullies can’t take it when you stand up to them. They cry, they throw feet and throw tantrums. See how restless and troubled you’ve been?? So imagine countless folks you’ve lied against and harassed ?? And bullied online!! So you can’t take it your self??? . . I have forgiven you, yet you can’t hold your peace.. 247 you are on my page cursing.. You are displaying my power over your very being. It shows you’ve become my slave and prisoner of pain. So it’s Gina on your mind every day.. Grandma please go hug a transformer or better still use third mainland bridge.. You will not be missed.. Go have peace or die trying.. Your sins are forgiven MY SLAVE. Scum I’m not savage like you. I’m not vindictive like you.. Bullies can’t take it when you stand up to them and give them a taste of their own pills. @hnnfrica.. go get busy and stop coming on my page cursing and insulting my fans.. They are precious to me. I don’t check you out.. but you spend hours fighting on my page. Poor thing.. I pray peace for you. Stand up to bullies and watch them run mad. Apologize to all you’ve insulted and lied upon . Only then will you find rest Kemi.. Release your 10million dollars proof of money laundering and my daughter’s paternity test then you will have your sex tape.. how about that for a deal. Guess you can’t take it back when it’s been served You. ?? #olorisupergal #osg #osglife

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