This Might Be Why You’re Breaking Out


Raise your hand if you wear makeup every day.



Despite knowing makeup’s not great for your skin, it’s hard to leave the house without it. So to rectify that, most of us have become pros at removing day-old products before bed. This certainly helps, but falling asleep in your makeup isn’t actually the main reason you’re breaking out.

What gives us pimples are dirty brushes,”

Just ask yourself: When’s the last time you washed your tools? If you honestly can’t remember, that might just be what’s to blame.

“Do you know how much nasty dirt and oil you’re constantly putting back onto your skin? It’s one big cause for breakouts,” she reiterated. If you really think about it, it doesn’t sound the most sanitary.

So what’s Julianne’s best practice for keeping her tools (and face) squeaky clean?

It’s simple: You just have to do it once a week, recommended the expert. “I use a mild, non-comedogenic soap—something gentle that still gets the grime out of your brushes,” she stated. “And I wash them individually with just a little soap and water on the bristles,” elaborated Julianne. “You just don’t want water getting into the barrel, which is the silver metal part.”

Once you’ve washed them carefully, simply squeeze the bristles out into the shape you want. Lay them down flat on a towel overnight to dry and in the morning they’ll be good as new (a.k.a. ready for use)!

Easy, right!


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