[Video] Why Young Women Should Look Up To City 105.1 FM MD Doja Allen

doja allen

In a recent appearance on TVC’s Breakfast Show Your View, City 105.1 FM’s Managing Director, Doja Allen spoke about the challenges that come with being a woman and maintaining a top position in a radio station as big as City 105.1 FM.

doja allen

Doja Allen was bestowed with the title “personality of the month” and she used the platform to share her experience on being headhunted and getting the job of heading a radio station while raising her two children and being present for her family.

She spoke about how people didn’t quite agree with her running the station, at the beginning, but she said that she soon “proved” herself and has since silenced all the negativity. “A lot of people tried me”, she said, “but they realized that she might not be into broadcast but she knows how to run a business”.

She also spoke about bringing up her kids and making sure they stay grounded as she mentioned that she makes her son “Take BRT from school” which came across as a shock to the show’s hosts.

Doja Allen shed light on her desire to go into motivational speaking and mentorship in order to inspire young people to achieve their dreams. In her words, “I have set up an academy to train young people to become broadcasters so they can aspire to become the big names because they have to start from somewhere”.

On a final note to young people who aspire to be like her, she said: “It is hard work, it’s a lot of commitment, it takes a lot of improvement on the job, it is not something you will wake up to by not just doing anything”.

About Doja Allen

Mrs. Adedoja-Allen is the Managing Director of City 105.1 FM. She studied Mathematics at the University of Ibadan. She then proceeded to the United Kingdom to do her Master’s in Business and Information Technology at Aston University, Birmingham. After schooling, She worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), as an accountant and Telecoms Express in the UK. She got married and returned to Nigeria in 2007. She worked with ARM where she headed the Fund Account Unit before taking up the job of the Managing Director of City FM in 2010.


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