Rules that guide a long lasting and happy relationship

Happy Relationship
  1. Don’t bring up the past. What happened before your relationship should not be brought up except of course it keeps popping up in the present.
  2. Compliment each other. When you compliment each other, it encourages them to try more which is basically how the relationship will grow
  3. Never let your anger overshadow your love. When you are angry, watch what you say or do because as they say words are like Eggs and if broken they can never be put back together again. Don’t say things that will hurt your partner in the heat of the moment
  4. Always rekindle your passion. Go on dates regularly. Flirt regularly. Don’t forget to make efforts to look good
  5. Communicate regularly. Don’t keep things bottled up. Talk about your feelings regularly becauuse that is how you get closer
  6. Don’t take each other for granted. Appreciating your partner is very important. No one likes to be taken for granted

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