Symptoms Of The Hopeless Romantic Syndrome

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There are some rare people who are very responsible with their hearts. When they meet someone they like, they take it slow and make sure they don’t fall too quickly. They are careful and patient. Because of their being calm and taking things slow, they can detect signs of trouble and can walk away from unpleasant situations.

And also, there are other people whose feelings always hit them hard, and before they have the chance to process what happened, the object of their attraction has already become embedded in their daily thoughts. These people are called ‘The hopeless romantics’

This does not mean you fall for everyone you meet, but when you do find someone you like, you feel yourself spiraling into obsessive thoughts without knowing much about the person. Here’s how to know the symptoms:

  1. Your crushes are all or nothing. When it comes to your feelings for someone, there is no middle ground. You either feel nothing toward someone, or you feel way too much
  2. You don’t have the ability to crush on more than one person at a time. All those strong feelings for multiple people at the same time would be way too exhausting for you
  3. You don’t have a particular “type.” Just anybody can spark your interest as long as you like the person. This means you are open-minded, which is good, but it also means you are never safe from a heartbreak
  4. You don’t like casual dating. The process of casual dating makes you uncomfortable because your feelings are not casual. When you like someone, you like that person a lot and having to pretend to be casual about it doesn’t seem right to you
  5. You have never developed feelings for a friend. The nature of a hopeless romantic is you know almost immediately whether or not you are interested in someone because your feelings tend to hit you right in the face. So, if you have already friend-zoned someone, it takes a lot for you to see that person in a romantic light
  6. You are a future thinker. Future thinkers are capable of staying in the present, but your mind is always on the next thing. You easily find yourself fantasizing about a future with the person you are attracted to, which intensifies your feelings for him or her
  7. No matter the number of bad experiences you have, you are never cynical about love. You know your love is probably right around the corner, so setbacks don’t make you angry. Your heart is always open and you are very romantic. You are capable of having powerful and incredible feelings for another person, even though it sometimes drain your energy, it is an incredible gift


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