Season Film ’24 “Hours”: Legacy’ Premieres

24: Legacy makes it’s long-awaited premiere after the 2017 Super Bowl last Sunday night.

However, the show is facing some backlash over the opening scene of the show airing directly after the highly-watched Super Bowl.

The premiere opened with an intense and extremely bloody torture and killing scene of an American soldier and his family by Muslim terrorists.

The soldier is killed by the terrorists, who want revenge after one of their leaders was killed at the hands of an elite group of U.S. Army Rangers.

The terrorists have killed off the majority of the group and their families in extremely bloody and graphic scenes that definitely proved that the “Viewer Discretion Advised” warning before the show was needed.

The show’s premise of Muslim terrorism comes at an extremely sensitive time in the United States after Donald Trump put the “Muslim Ban” into effect, which indefinitely bans refugees from Syria, and temporarily stops anyone from several Muslim countries from entering the country.

Source: JustJared 

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