Gigi Hadid Under Fire For Imitating Asian Features In Bella’s Snapchat

Gigi Hadid

Uh-oh. Gigi Hadid’s culturally insensitive behavior has landed her in hot water yet again. 

Gigi Hadid
A new video from Gigi’s sister Bella’s Snapchat has surfaced, and it does not paint Gigi in the best light JustJared reports. The video shows the model at a birthday dinner with some friends when she picks up what appears to be a small sculpture of man’s face. The man depicted appears to be Asian. After picking up the knick knack, Gigi makes a face that imitates the man’s facial features. Now, the celebrity is being called out for what many deem is a racist action.
Bella has since deleted the video from her Snapchat. It was later reposted on a Zayn Malik fan page along with the caption:

“this is y’all woke Palestine queen? Gigi out here mocking Asian people. I would say she’s canceled but she never started. rat @GiGiHadid

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