Big Brother Naija Housemates Likely To Date


There has been lots of emotional tension in the Big Brother Naija house. From smooches to kisses and cuddles, it is not hard to tell the people who would be perfect for each other

Thin Tall Tony and Coco Ice

Coco Ice seems like a very complicated lady with her mood swings and it seems she needs someone who is matured enough to understand her and who she can equally trust. Thin Tall Tony is one of the most matured guys in the house and he is also as quiet as Coco Ice so I’m sure they would really click if they spend some time together

Thin Tall Tony




Gifty and Soma

Asides the fact that Soma confessed to Big Brother earlier this week that he is attracted to Gifty and that they both kissed passionately later that evening, it is not hard to see there is Chemistry between the both of them. Last week, Soma was given a task by Big Brother to make Gifty angry; his words hurt Gifty so much that she was crying, that only shows how she feels about him. Soma is also quite protective of Gifty and does not engage when she is being bullied. So if these two can actually sit and talk about their feelings, I think they would make a good couple.

Big Brother


Bally and Bisola

Bally is a cool guy who doesn’t talk so much but kind of notices everything while Bisola is quite expressive with words and hardly looks away from things that she is not pleased with. Apparently the saying that opposites attracts is not wrong with these two as their kiss this morning is the hottest and more full with passion. The two would also be able to keep the other in check with their excesses if they get together

To be continued

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