4 Hacks For The Perfect Selfie


With social media undoubtedly taking over the world, embracing the change is the only certain action. This rise has brought about a whole new set of priorities and getting the perfect selfie is pretty high up on the list. This isn’t always an easy task, as many people get upset when they look negatively different in their pictures compared to reality. So we’ve decided to round up 4 hacks to ensure that you take the perfect selfie every time.


  1. Ditch the flash photography and find the perfect natural lighting:



There are reasons why fashion bloggers prefer natural lighting for their selfies. Firstly, the camera flash picks on any SPF (Sun Protection factor) on your skin and creates a white wash effect. Also, lighting affects the outcome of facial structures in selfies e.g. fluorescents highlight skin flaws, overhead lamps emphasize bumps and lines etc. For the best result, natural light is just perfect for illuminating the face, softening features and creating a beautiful facial glow.


  1. Take Full Advantage of the Highlighter:

When done right, highlighter adds a beautiful dewy effect to your skin, which translates beautifully in photos. Focus on the high points where the light hits so you don’t end up looking like a camera reflector because the key is not to go in with light hands as you would for your daily makeup application. Always remember you need to capture the effect on camera.


  1. For Whiter Looking Teeth, Choose A Blue Toned Lipstick:

Lipstick colours with a blue undertone provide the greatest whitening effect. Those with a peachy or more brown undertone bring out the yellow in your teeth thus making them appear less white. A good example is Mac’s Ruby Woo, which is a wonderful matte red lipstick with a blue undertone.


  1. Less Is Not More in This Case:

Photo credit: IronyofAshi/Instagram

Camera definitions can be harsh because it picks up every little detail on your skin including the bad. Whenever you know you are going to be taking a photo of yourself make sure to use a foundation that will give you that extra coverage and for that even more flawless finish, then top it off with a powder that provides some more coverage. You will notice your selfies will look way better this way.

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