6 Common Makeup Items you don’t Actually Need


MAKEUPAre you using lip primer, toner, highlighter or brow powder? Here’s why you don’t need those and some other beauty products.

Face Primer: Many foundations already have inbuilt primers and are long lasting when used, it’s best to cut down the products you use on your face by reading the product information of each item you buy. Try as much as possible to let your pores breathe.

Brow Powder: This by far is the most useless makeup item I have seen, when your eyeshadow in a matte brown shade can do the same job, why buy this?

Highlighter: If you have concealer, and a bronzer, you can skip on the highlighter.

Lip primer: Lip primers are supposed to ‘lock in’ color and prevent feathering, but why are you paying a buttload for that, when you can simply use your favorite lip balm and let it sink in for a moment. Blot with a tissue, dab lips with a bit of foundation or concealer, then line with a lip pencil. Fill in with lipstick, blot, add a touch of powder, and top off with a final coat of lipstick.

Toner: Most of us purchase toners with the notion that it will remove any remaining dirt from our face and tighten pores after cleansing. Unfortunately, pores can’t “tighten”, and if your facial cleanser can’t remove all of the day’s debris, it’s not doing its job. Bench the expense and the extra step.

Brow Setting Gel: This is one product that really gets my arches up, especially when beauty companies expect us to pay more for the stuff. Address your brow problems with a proper trim and a pencil or powder if needed, but leave this out of your kit.


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