Dos and Don’ts of a Fresh Relationship


Social Media. Don’t put your private life on social media. Everyone doesn’t need to know everything going on in your relationship because that is allowing people give opinions on your relationship.

Communicate. Don’t expect your partner to be a mind reader, If there is something that you need in your relationship, articulate it clearly to your partner.

Privacy. Don’t let your partner leave belongings at your house. Relationships should move in a slow pace. Initially you are trying to get to know the person; you don’t want to have to move the person out
Don’t lie. You don’t want your relationship to be built on lies



Fix issues together. Don’t bring friends and family into your arguments. While sometimes it is good to get advice, you don’t want them having negative feelings towards your partner if things eventually get resolved. You should be able to resolve small issues with your partner.

Don’t have sex too quickly. Enjoy time together. Go out. Learn about each other’s behaviour. Once sex happens, emotional connections start getting in the way of logic. Make sure you wait for the right time

Don’t lose yourself.

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