Best Lipstick Shade For Dark Skinned Ladies


The best lipstick color for your dark skin can be a real challenge to find. The wrong shade will most likely wash you out or blend too much with your skin tone so you definitely want a color that won’t clash with your coloring. These are the top best:

Dark Red

If you are thinking of a high dose of sex appeal then dark red lips is the perfect choice. It makes a ferocious statement whenever it is worn. This classic lipstick color is a perfect match for dark skin tones. The dark red color blends beautifully creating a flawless look

Dark red lipstick



Another name for Burgundy is Bold. This color is definitely a bang in the lipstick department. The perfect shade looks flawless against dark skin tones, blending perfectly for a sexy finish. Burgundy has only shown that it is not going out of season anytime soon

Burgundy Lipstick


This lipstick color is super stylish. Purple is a must have for any dark skinned girl. Both the light and the dark shades of purple look great against dark skin tones

Purple Lipstick



Plum is one of the most exotic and enticing shades around. It is a blend of reds and purples for a rugged and sexy finish, it is the perfect lipstick for date night. It looks great when it is surrounded by dark skin tone

Plum Lipstick


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