Learning How To Apologize In A Relationship


There are no definite rules that guides love and relationships because of the uniqueness of each individual but nevertheless there are some things that are so mandatory that they might as well have been written in stone. It is important to know these things as they are important for a relationship to thrive

As humans we are a bundle of emotions so being perfect is not our forte, in the heat of the moment we tend to sometimes say or do the wrong things to the ones we love which might be intentional or not. While it is alright to have strong opinions, expressing them in a stronger manner is not so cool especially to the ones we love

Do you know anyone who you think is in a bad relationship and you sometimes wonder why they keep accepting their partner back even after big and messy quarrels? I can bet 80% of those kinds of relationships, their partners know how to apologize right. We cannot genuinely apologize if we can’t admit to ourselves that we made a mistake and your humility has a big part to play

The first step to apologizing right is to understand the difference between Sorry and I’m Sorry. There is nothing as pretentious as wronging or hurting someone and telling that person sorry, it is your mistake and you should be sorry and if you are not do not make it worse by giving an insincere apology. Learning to apologize right is the most important step in the healing process, not only does it show the recipient that you acknowledge their right to feel hurt but it opens the way to forgiveness

As much as an apology cannot undo what has been done, it can help ease the pain. It gives hope for rebuilding and puts value on the relationship rather than your pride. Most times these two simple words are worth more than a thousand words of excuses. Choose the path of humility, of love over pride. Choose to apologize genuinely. Sometimes all you need to say is “I’m sorry, please forgive me”


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