How To Know If Your Man Has A Side Chick

Side Chick

There are many sides to a relationship and as individuals are different so are relationships, but a side chick should not be part of it. Almost every relationship goes through the honeymoon phase where everything is sweet and rosy, most times there is transparency and you don’t have to think about being cheated on. Down the line, things aren’t as they used to be and you start wondering if it is another woman causing the changes.

Side Chick

  • His call phone is always on airplane or silent mode when you are with him
  • His phone become a vault that he guards with everything and he even takes it to the bathroom with him because he would prefer water getting into it than you getting your hands on it
  • When you are not together, you are not able to get in touch with him for a stretch and when you eventually do, there is always a hole in the explanation he gives you
  • He has so many female friends he goes to visit that you don’t know. Every girl is his friend.
  • Most of the so called friends numbers are not saved on his phone, all you will see is a bunch of numbers that are unnamed.
  • Unexplained mood swings which are likely to be caused by misunderstandings with the side chick.


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