Incase You Missed – BB Naija Highlights (Day 3)

BB Naija housemates 2017


It was an upbeat morning as housemates had a workout session that was lit and fun. Biggie, however, provided housemates with the day’s task which celebrates Nigerian folklore. They were to share the different folklores they grew up with and compare them with those of other African countries. The most interesting part, however, was for housemates to get creative and make their own Big Brother folklore tale. Using items around the house, the tales were performed.

Miyonse is not joking about wanting to be liked by other housemates and so he offered to help TBoss sleep after she complained she needed a good night’s sleep. Who would blame her when she practically suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, OCD. TBoss spent much of her energy cleaning the BBN house even after a rigorous morning workout just because she was displeased with the state of the house, the compulsion to clean kicked in. But hey, Miyonse to the rescue, as he offers her his chest for her to get that much-needed sleep. Will she take the offer?

The discussion of the day touched on insecurities and the ladies opened up about the insecurities they felt. Bisola particularly explained that she was not comfortable showing her body. Housemates were however in good spirits this morning and it seems the men are not as camera shy and are always ready to bring on their A-game.

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