8 Reasons Why Big Brother Naija Was Shot in South Africa


Every Nigerian has been looking forward to the launch of Big Brother Naija which started airing tonight. The excitement was contagious as it had been a long time coming, however,  this didn’t stop people from wondering why the show wasn’t being recorded in Nigeria as the name implied.
These are some of the reasons

  1. The Production Company is Based in South Africa, so it will be more convenient to shoot and tackle any production issue that will arise due to close proximity.
  2. Cost of Production, It will cost more in terms of financial resources to import and bring down equipment  to Nigeria. Note that Angola’s big brother was also shot In S. A.Big Brother Naija
  3. Issue of Power,light is more stable In South Africa and the last time they experienced loadshedding was in 2015. Energy company Eskom handles the power supply.
  4. Security Threat, the nations security is unstable. If a reality TV show of this class is held in the country, some selfish hoodlums might break in so as to enrich themselves. Recently while omoni was on set some thugs broke in and stopped her work because they wanted to extort money from her, A repetition of this event might likely happen.Big Brother Naija
  5. Foreign Exchange Conversion Rate, it will cheaper to run the reality show there compared to Nigeria because of this country’s accumulated exchange rate. It’s
  6. Availability of a Ready to Use Studio, the studio used was already built and had been used for other reality shows in South Africa.Big Brother Naija
  7. Advancement in Technology, thus the decision to shoot in South Africa. Also, South Africa  is technologically advanced in comparison to Nigeria.
  8. Safety Measures, if any household accident or incident occurs, the housemates are guaranteed of prompt response.


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