5 Ways to Get the Attention of your Celebrity Crush

Getting your crush’s attention is hard enough because most times they don’t even know you exist but it gets harder when you are crushing on a celebrity. Not to worry, this guide is written for you so all you have to do is follow it.

  1. Follow him/her on social media platforms: Don’t be a slacker. By following on social media, you are already one step closer to them. That is how to know their likes and interests.
  2. Don’t be a quiet crush: Like their pictures regularly, Comment on their pictures but don’t be a troll.
  3. Visit their favorite spots and engage them intellectually if you are not too shy.
  4. Create a fan page: Most celebrities tend to want to know their biggest supporters so come across as one.
  5. Start a trend: Doing this might also put you into the lime light and how hard can it be for two celebrities to meet.


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