Senate President, Bukola Saraki, Partners With Uche Nnaji to grow the Nigerian fashion industry

Uche Nnaji

The fashion industry in Nigeria is about to experience a major shift as the leader of the legislative arm of the Nigerian government has indicated its desire to help develop the sector to the greater good of the nation. The Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki has invited major stakeholders in the fashion industry in Nigeria to the National Assembly Business (Made-in-Nigeria) Roundtable. This is coming on the heels of an open letter on Instagram by fashion entrepreneur and founder of OUCH Uche Nnaji to Dr Saraki on the need for major intervention to help grow the sector.


The Senate President while responding to an open letter said

“Thank you @uchennaji you and others in the fashion industry should please join us in the National Assembly Business (Made-in-Nigeria) Roundtable coming up at the end of first quarter. We will also have stakeholders from government agencies such as BOI, NAFDAC, SON, SMEDAN and much more present. We will all share ideas on how we can grow our economy by improving ease of doing business and accessibility to funding.”

Uche NnajiUche Nnaji

Full text of the open letter;

Dear Sir, 
As a Nigerian who started making clothes as an undergraduate 14years ago for fellow student and officially launched his brand Fashion Brand 10yrs ago and today to the glory of God has almost 10 RETAIL stores In Nigeria employing NIGERIAN Graduates and Tailors , I believe I speak for the legion of NIGERIANS in the FASHION industry who I MENTOR directly & indirectly.
Sir , Do you know that just last quarter of 2016 a serving minister of d Federal Republic of Nigeria in which you are the number 3 man looked at me in the FACE and told me that Nigerian designers can’t make what he would wear??.
He would rather have INDIANs make his traditional outfits or like some others prefer to have them made in DUBAI.
Sir, it makes me wonder, how many members of the National Assembly, MINISTERS, DGs and FG Executive council members are really ready to use the money they earn from TAX PAYERS to buy Made in Nigeria CLOTHES.??.
Dear Mr Senate president Sir,Did anyone tell you that 2nd RICHEST man in the world MAKES and sells CLOTHES???
The fashion industry in Nigeria has the potential of becoming a new BLACK GOLD if well harnessed, The VALUE CHAIN is in the Billions of Dollars.
Sir, if really you desire for MADE IN NIGERIA to be a reality and thrive you should call a STAKE HOLDERS in the Fashion Industry and in saying Stake holders I mean people that have PHYSICAL factories and RETAIL stores in Nigeria with the potential of assisting the FG to ease the UNEMPLOYMENT epidemic in the Nigeria .

Sir, It would be unfair if some of us are willing to stop our existing production in EUROPE and even ASIA all in the PATRIOTIC mantra of building MADE IN NIGERIA, but then we cannot even get Import WAIVERS to bring in essentials that we don’t PRODUCE here like quality THREADs, GUM STAY or other basic TAILORING Accessories.
Sir, To BUID and GROW factories that will employ the unemployed Nigerian YOUTHS we cannot meet the commercial banks for support, Also BOI and other related financial institutions need to take it easy with the RED TAPEs and give SUPPORT to the real people building Fashion business and BRANDS in Nigeria.
God bless Nigeria


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