Protective Father Jamie Foxx Warns Suitors ‘Don’t Mess With My Girls’

Jamie Foxx would “tear somebody’s head off” if they messed with his daughters’ hearts.

The 49-year-old actor-and-musician is a protective father when it comes to his girls, 22-year-old Corinne and seven-year-old Annalise, and admits there’s little he wouldn’t do to guarantee their well-being.

“When you see your kids, you’ll be like, ‘Oh I’ll do anything, like I’ll tear somebody’s head off if they messed with them.’ You have to do that because, you know, she’s a kid so you have to make sure that they’re safe,” he told Entertainment Tonight, noting that while his eldest was a “late bloomer” little Annalise is already a “romantic”.

“She’s (young) but she had a little boyfriend and I’m like ‘What!?’ and she’s like ‘Yes!’ and you see them holding hands and I said ‘Wow!’” he smiled.

While life is still innocent for Annalise at the moment, the Django Unchained star is aware he’ll one day have to sit her down and discuss relationships. However he predicts the fatherly speech will be different from when he gave the talk to Corinne.

“I think I will have to give (Annalise) different information than I had to give my oldest,” he sighed. “I said, ‘Babe, not all the love is real. There’s going to be some other that are thrown into it.’ But that’s the fun part of it, is taking what you know, what you’ve gone through and being the person who is the male perspective to tell your daughter, ‘This is what they’re going to do… he’s going to say this but he’s trying to do this so don’t have none of that.’”

Jamie was talking at the press junket of his new movie Sleepless. The film required him to tone up to play a police detective hunting for his kidnapped son, but it wasn’t just the role which made him realise he needed to shed some weight.

“Six, seven months ago I was 216 pounds, not paying attention, eating Mr. Chows (Chinese food) and ordering mutton and I think I had a yak cheese,” he confessed. “But my pops was like, ‘Boy, what are you doing? You look like you’re about to have baby.’ And I said, ‘Oh man!’”


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