5 people with great personalities

Nkechi Emmanuel

We’ve all met someone and immediately thought, “Wow, I really like this person.”

They’re the kind of person that instantly elevates the mood of everyone around them. They make you feel like what you say is interesting and exciting (even if it’s not). They make you want to be around them as much as possible. And when you’re done talking, you walk away smiling.

Over the years, I’ve realized that there are five professions where you can almost always find people like this.

1. TV anchors

I always imagined that TV anchors would be sleazy in person.

But then, when I started making appearances on TV, I’d have 45 seconds to get to know the anchors before we went on-air. I was amazed to discover that almost every single TV anchor is incredibly likable. In less than a minute, they make you feel welcome, they share something revealing about themselves that instantly makes you comfortable, and they politely let you know you’re about to go live.

All of this takes place in the tense, high-stakes environment of a live TV show. For example, when I met Meredith Viera on The Today Show, I realized it was no accident she was the best.

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2. Tour guides

You gotta love people who have this job. After all, you’re basically herding groups of adults around a crowded space for hours at a time. Almost every tour guide I’ve ever met has a wacky, sarcastic sense of humor. And the great ones know how to work a crowd, when to get serious, when to make a slightly inappropriate joke, and when to yell at the stragglers.

The best museum tour I’ve been on was at The Met with Museum Hack. These guys are truly great at what they do.

3. Pediatricians

I wouldn’t last 20 minutes trying to inject screaming kids, but pediatricians do it day in and day out. Every pediatrician I’ve met has been incredibly patient, kind, charming, and resilient. They know how to talk to kids AND their parents, at the same time.

4. Personal trainers

Imagine working with clients who demand quick results, are delusional about the work required to see those results, and who quit at the first sign of adversity. They want a six-pack, but they don’t want to have to go to the gym regularly.

Every day, they coach people through the incredibly personal process of losing weight and getting in shape. They’re part therapist, part teacher, and part motivational coach. Great trainers are empathetic, emotionally intelligent, patient, and consistently positive –– in other words, they have exceptional personalities.

5. Senior executives

The media portrays senior executives as conniving, dark (actually, white) guys who plot about how to skimp on bonuses so they can buy themselves a Corvette. In my experience, this is completely untrue. To get that far, it’s almost a requirement to be likable. In fact, to be an effective executive, you have to have great social skills –– at this level, knowing how to communicate with people is way more important than technical skills, (sorry, Excel nerds!).

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