How A Young Man Was Brutally Killed By NNPC Policeman In Owerri (PHOTOS)

According to an eye witness, a young man who goes by the name Eto had been shot dead by a police patrol attached to the NNPC fuel station in Owerri.

Eto was reported to have had misunderstanding with one of the pump attendants, which led him to slap the attendant, and a little scene was caused at the fuel station, in which in the process, his phone was stolen.

His friend had advised he ignore the stolen phone, with a promise to get him another phone as they made their way to leave by car, only for the fuel station manager to order the resident policeman to bar them from leaving. While she called on the police patrol team -Eto had started to zoom off by car- the resident policeman who shot him twice from behind, ramming into a parked car at the fuel station.


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