Keke Palmer Is A Denim Goddess On The Cover Of ILY Magazine

American singer, dancer and actress, Keke Palmer is the December/January digital cover artist for ILY Magazine.

Keke started acting at a young age and we have watched her blossom into a multitalented triple threat. She recently released her EP, Lauren, which explores love and relationships, and serves as a time capsule as to where Palmer is right now.


Keke sat down with Taj Rani of ILY Magazine to discuss her vision of love. She is asked questions about knowing the right time to get into a relationship and accepting imperfections.

Here are some excerpts from the interview below:

Speaking on self-love


You’re only able to keep what you are, so if I don’t really know how to love myself then I can’t love anybody else. I’ve always loved for myself, but another layer in love, for me, is loving other people. We always think that love is about finding that perfect person, but actually, love is about the hard times and the good times.

The right time to get into a relationship

I don’t think that there’s a defined time; you’ll know by hanging out. The basis of good relationships are friendships, so if you’re with somebody all the time, you like to hang out, and you have the same vibes then you’ll [define] it with a name. If you don’t need a name or labels for it, you keep on hanging with them–that’s how you know.

Speaking on accepting imperfections in relationships


Love is about finding someone that you accept and accepts you. What I’ve learned with love is that it’s about finding someone who’s shit you’re willing to put with, and who is willing to put up with your shit. I think that’s what love and relationships really come down to, it’s not just about being good and knowing that this person is right for you because there are always people that are right for somebody.

She took some smoking photos for the cover story, check out some of them below:
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Interview by Taj Rani.

Photography by Catie Laffoon.

Styling by Evina B.

Design by Steve-O.



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