I Don’t Encourage Guys Professing Their Love For Me! -Emmanuel Ikubuese

Emmanuel Ikubuese

Former Mr. Nigeria turned actor, Emmanuel Ikubuese, is surely having a good time of his life. As one of the lead actors in Nollywood’s top grossing movie, FIFTY, Ikubuese has transformed into one of the industry’s hottest ladies choice.

In a chat, the Delta State-born actor cum model talks about his love life and pet projects among others.

Emma said year 2016 has been great so far for his personal projects as well as his Foundation; a cause against domestic violence and abuse. He also talked about his raunchy role in the movie, Fifty which he described as a depth of his character.

When asked if he can you ever date or marry an older woman, the actor blantantly replied a “No, I can’t! It can’t even happen; I can’t do that.”  Although he  thinks love isn’t about age. “As long as two people understand each other, love each other and are willing to be together, age shouldn’t be an obstacle. Once there is love, respect and communication, then they are good to go. But personally, I don’t think I can do it. However, I am not against men that marry older lovers”.

Asked how he’d handled female fans following his role, Emma responded “I have always had admirers, even before Fifty, so I have always had my way of dealing with them. It doesn’t change anything.

How about the worst thing a female fan has done to him, “I have many female fans who jump on me and kiss me right in public. But I just can’t embarrass them because they simply love me for what I do.”

Do they send him nude pictures, “of course, I do get, but not nude pictures. I don’t think any female fan in her right senses would send me a nude picture. I know they do send but not to people like me. My image is not that corrupt for someone to try such. Ladies hit on me online and tell me how much they love me and desire to kiss me and make love to me, but none has sent me nude pictures.

How about guys? Do they also profess their love? “Yes, they do, but I don’t encourage them to go beyond  their bounds”.

However, the Nollywood actor admitted he’s in a relationship and in a very happy one.

Source: The Citizen Ng

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