Russian Plane Crash Kill 32

Scene of the Indonesian Hercules plane crash on Saturday

A Russian plane, Il-18 aircraft with 32 passengers and seven crew members onboard, has crashed in the Bulunsky district of Siberia’s Yakutia, TASS news agency has reported.

“The Il-18 plane, which flew from the Koltsovo airport in Yekaterinburg, on Monday, December 19, crashed 27 kilometers from the Tiksi village,” the source said.

An evacuation of the victims is ongoing, TASS said.

Seven survivors in the emergency landing of the Il-18 plane in Yakutia have been taken to a hospital in the Tiksi village, a local law enforcement source told TASS on Monday.

“The survivors in the plane’s crash that occurred at 12:07 local time some 27 km from the Tiksi village have been taken to a regional hospital of the village,” the source said.

Seven crew members and 32 passengers – a rotating team of officers – were onboard the plane.

Yakutia’s government has confirmed the crash. An emergency situations commission is holding a meeting.


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