OSG Recap 2016: Top Nigerian Vloggers of The Year

This outgoing year 2016 had made out streaming activity racked up a great deal of data, even from the internet community of the “data pinching” Nigerians.

The locality’s rate of internet consumption, this time, became so much that YouTube also admit its traffics, which sourced from Nigeria- alone, had doubled that of previous years put together.

It’s not surprising seeing Vlogging business on the rise locally, nonetheless only few Nigerians Vloggers had stood out really.

Mark Angel Comedy

Australian Government Crowns Comedienne Emmanuella Princess Of Comedy(photos)No sooner had the Mark Angel’s YouTube channel launched-out than it sold out. With consistent production of rib cracking videos, Uncle Mark Angel with comedienne “princess” Emmanuella had ensured the channel becomes a number 1 go-to place for Nigerian looking to laugh off accumulated stress which comes with dwelling in the country.
Mark Angel comedy currently has over 593, 000 subscribers and close to 134 million views.

Ibaka TV
Ibaka tv logoIs one of the largest online entertainment network in Africa which streams all genre of Nigerian-Nollywood and Ghanainian movies.
The channel currently has over 409, 000 subscribers and had ammased over 92 millions views.

AY Comedian

Ay Comedian visit to the emirate stadiumWith over 238,000 viewers subscribed, AY’s YouTube platform also streams series of rib cracking comedy aimed at “keeping all of you young, healthy and kicking”. No wonder the channel had amassed over fifty two million views over the time.

Channels TV
Channels TVChannels Television is a leading Nigerian news channel on YouTube. The multi award winning channel currently has over 270, 000 subscribers and had amassed a view count of over 75 million.



Toke Makinwa
toke-makinwa-olorisupergal-on-becomingThe popular media personality also ranks amongst the top Vloggers with her YouTube channel subscribed by over thirty five thousand viewers.
Toke’s Moment is popularly followed by the female folks, as it mainly focus on womanly matters particularly the younger fold.


A food channel owned by Kolawole Ajayi -a teacher who is also passionate about cooking. The channel serialise various mode of preparing African food, as presented by the channel’s vlogger.
The channel currently has over 33, 000 subscribed viewers with over 3 million views.


BattaBoxBattaBox is Nigeria’s most exciting trending stroke entertainment video channel which mainly streams reality shows, underground documentaries and and features, gist, Lagos fashion and Interviews from across Nigeria.
The channel currently has close to about 50, 000 subscribers with over 22 million views.


Sisi Yemmie

sisi yemmie

Is a Nigerian lifestyle vlogger with main focus on foods and social issues- although yemmie also uses the medium to sponsor her Social Media Marketing business.
Currently subscribed are about 31,000 viewers with close to 4 million overall views.




*As based on YouTube official rating

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