US and UK Splits Over Bomb Sales to Saudi Arabia

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has rejected a call pressing the UK to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia – following the US’s decision to restrict arms sales to the kingdom.

According to Telegraph UK, US yesterday announced it would stop a shipment of precision-guided munitions to the country following evidence of “systematic, endemic problems in Saudi Arabia’s targeting”.

There are reports of the Saudi’s forces hitting schools, hospitals and wedding parties as it intervenes against Houthi rebels on behalf of Yemen’s beleaguered internationally recognised government.

And now, despite the Americans’ recent decline, the UK, through Prime Minister Theresa May, has continued to supply similar weapons to Saudi Arabia, fuelling its campaign.

“Civilians have suffered grievously with the bombing of hospitals, of schools, of markets. The UN believes 60 per cent of civilian casualties are caused by air strikes,” the SNP’s Westminster group leader Angus Robertson today asked at Prime Minister’s Questions.

“In the last 24 hours the United States has stopped the supply of precision guided munitions to Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemen. When will the UK follow suit?”

Ms May said the UK’s regime was “very strict”. “As the right honourable gentleman knows we do have a very strict regime of export licences in relation to weapons here in the United Kingdom,” she replied. “We exercise that very carefully and in recent years we have indeed refused export licences in relations to arms including to Yemen and Saudi Arabia.”

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