Habits That Boost The Sperm And Minimise Infertility

You may not exactly be dealing with any infertility problems, however to quote the cliche, prevention is better than cure.

In this instance -infertility-, prevention is very much advised because of the delicacy of the situation.

You should however bear in mind that no matter how careful a person is, male infertility could occur due to some certain circumstances-

  • It could be as a result of a medical condition which may not have been noticed in good time or it could be that it was noticed but not treated appropriately.
  • It could be the result of an infection or a badly treated infection,
  • It can be hereditary. Some families pass on traits that lead to infertility such as- low sperm count, low sperm motility, weak sperm etc, just as they pass on looks and mannerisms.

If you do not fall under the above categories, there are still other habits you form which could affect the health of your sperm.Ssperm production should not just have a good quantity, it should also be of good quality and bear a good motility rate.

Some men produce a good number of sperm but because they are not healthy, they cannot swim to to their destination fast enough…

If you want to ensure that your sperm cells are healthy and up to task when the time comes, here are a few habits you should imbibe to avoid infertility-

Avoid Tight Pants And Underwear

There is a reason the testicles hang low and away from the body, It is so that it does not get warmed by body heat. Therefore, you should endeavor to wear pants, trousers, boxers, and underwear that are not tight and do not constrict the package so much so that there is no space for air and coolness.

Too much constriction and heat damages the sperm cells and in turn causes infertility.

You Should Sleep Some More

You may be running a tight schedule always, and there may always be one business idea or the other keeping you awake for the better part of the night. The body needs rest, and sleeping is a sure way to get some rest. The whole body is at stand still and the organs can rest and rejuvenate.  A recent study conducted at the University of Southern Denmark assessed the sleep schedule, sleep interruptions, and sleep habits of 953 Danish men in their late teens to early 20s. Researchers also measured the size of each participant’s testicles and gathered sperm sample to analyze sperm count and motility — ability to move actively and spontaneously. Men who reported a lack of sleep or sleep disturbances, on average, suffered from low sperm count, low testosterone levels, and smaller testicular size compared to men who got more shut-eye.

Pay more attention to your sleep patterns.

Avoid Placing Electronic Devices On Your Laps Especially When Using Them

Some years back, electronic devices weren’t as popular as they are now. A large number of things are processed or obtained electronically today and that has made it necessary for us to use Laptops, iPads, phones etc. It may be called a laptop but it is not exactly safe for your health. A study published in the journal Fertility and Sterility set out to determine what effect Wi-Fi connection had on male infertility once and for all. Researchers from Argentina gathered 29 sperm samples from healthy men who sat with their Wi-Fi connected laptops on their laps for four hours. After ruling out temperature as the cause for sperm damage by way of an air-conditioning system, the research team found that radiation given off by the laptop’s Wi-Fi connection resulted in DNA damage and less sperm motility.

Eat Right

Healthy eating helps boost the sperm and generally keeps you in good shape. Do away with smoking and drinking habits. A little alcohol now and then does not hurt, but habitual intake would ultimately affect sperm production and health.

Avoid Very Warm Baths And Saunas

As great as it feels to have a warm bath, you should lean towards cool baths. You should also avoid the saunas, long exposure to these sources of heat are not good for the sperm as your testicles need to be in a cool condition at all times.

Use Only Prescribed Medicine

Be careful of any medicine that promises to boost your sperm but which is not prescribed by a qualified specialist doctor. Most times, theses medicines do worse damage. Always seek your doctor’s counsel.

Exercise And Fitness

Try to fit exercise into your schedule. It may be difficult especially when you run a really tight schedule but it helps your health. Exercise also helps release it keeps off excess weight and it releases testosterone which in turn boosts your sperm production.

These few habits would help you avoid infertility and boost sperm production. It also ensure that you live healthy and you are not prone to infections and diseases.


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