Every Shirt Matters campaign

2016 has been the deadliest year along the refugee route across the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of people have drowned on their journey from Africa to Europe in hope for a future in peace and safety.

The social enterprise Humany Tee and the NGO Jugend Rettet have now joined forces to support the cause. Through their powerful campaign EVERY SHIRT MATTERS they seek to help people in distress, to pressure for legal and safe entry routes for refugees. Furthermore, we hope our campaign keeps the debate about the “refugee crisis” among civil society and policy makers alive and is one puzzle piece in shaping a better and peaceful future.

Humany Tee is a social enterprise based on the belief in a world where people don‘t mess things up, a place where we live in respect for one another, united in our shared humanity. Their T-Shirts with a simple and aesthetic design and a clear message, Humany Tee calls attention to our shared humanity and use their profit to support Jugend Rettet.

Jugend Rettet is an organization of young adults who bought and restored a ship. With this ship, IUVENTA, they have been conducting sea rescue missions for refugees in distress on the Mediterranean Sea.

The campaign EVERY SHIRT MATTERS tells “A True Short (Shirt) Story.” It is a story about a small boat and its dramatic journey from Africa across the Mediterranean Sea to Europe in search of a better future.

This is a story that needs to be told. This is a story that needs to be listened to. This is a story that needs to be changed. 

If you have any questions and would like to get more information, please do get in touch with Humany Tee.


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