Why Muslims are against establishment of Christian court

Nigerian Muslims have rejected the Bill for Ecclesiastical (Christian) Courts in Nigeria.

The umbrella body of all Muslims in Nigeria, Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) described the Bill as a recipe for anarchy and should be stopped in the interest of the nation.

The group according to Punch also threatened that it would demand that Wednesday should be declared a work-free day in Nigeria, if Christians continue to insist on ecclesiastical courts.

The Secretary-General of NSCIA and Registrar of the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede said the demand for Christian courts amounted to the height of intolerance because Christians enjoyed Sunday as Sabbath Day while the cross was the sign of the hospital “and yet Muslims are not complaining.

He stated that if it was because Muslims have Shariah court, that Christian want Christian courts, then Muslims also have the right to say they don’t want Saturday and Sunday as work-free day.

“If Christians say whatever Muslims want, they will be antagonistic to it, then what it means is that Muslims can stand up and say they don’t want Saturday and Sunday, they want Wednesday as work-free day.”

He said the promoters of the Bill should be cautioned not to create a situation that will lead to anarchy.

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