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Omg! Human Parts Dealers Busted in Ogun with Decapitated Body Parts

Some group of men have once again shown the extent of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man, as they were arrested with human body parts.

The group of human parts dealers
According to a shocking video posted on Facebook by a user, Chiafa Odi, a wicked group of human parts dealers were busted by the gallant operatives of the Nigerian Police Force in Ogun State.
human breast and heart recovered from the cannibals
Items seen the video clip after the group were captured includes, human heart, human breast, human heart, human legs, human private parts, and more.
The criminals confessed of the crime as Police paraded before journalists and would be arraigned in court to receive the justice they truly deserve.
The criminals
“Another video have emerged another group of men dealing on human parts in Ogun State. What does it profit a man to gain the whole word and loose his soul. I thought we are all human… What can we do to stop them Should we beg them. #inhuman,#Bizarre,” Chiafa captioned the video clip.
Below is the shocking video as viewer’s discretion is highly advised;

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